LV Reach is committed to contributing to the common & spiritual welfare of our Las Vegas community at large with a special love for our inner-cities. We are currently building a faith-based community help center right in the heart of the 89169 zip code to assist in eradicating generational poverty and spiritual deficiency.  This facility will provide a medical clinic and community center which will be used to assist in educational, medical, nutritional, and legal needs. This comes at no cost to the client.

We are funded by donors, grants, and other organizations. However, we believe Jesus is the source of our organization’s provision and the only true cure for lasting change. (For more info on our LV Reach Help Center please visit our ABOUT section.)

About LV Reach

What is LV Reach?

LV Reach was founded in the year 2020. It was created to help solve the socioeconomic and spiritual hardships that have existed for generations within our inner-cities. However, due to the recent and ongoing pandemic, these challenges have only increased.  LV Reach is simply an extended arm of Hope Medical Missions, a non-profit organization designed to bring medical care to the less fortunate both foreign and domestic. However, with all that is happening in these unprecedented times, we are on the precipice of some massive opportunities to serve our Las Vegas community. Therefore, our new LV Reach Community Help Center will be located in the heart of 89169. This community center will be dedicated to providing medical, legal, educational, and nutritional help to the people and families of this community.  

 What is the ‘LV Reach Community Help Center’ ?

 We recently invested in a 2,600 Sq. ft building on 860 E. Twain. 89169. This area has been known as one of the most economically challenged and crime invaded areas in Las Vegas. But we believe it is a prime location for a community center which will help families move ahead. We are in the process of renovating this building to be a fully operational medical clinic which will operate 2 days a week. The community, with or without insurance, will have access to professional doctor’s and nurses.

Furthermore, 3 days a week, on the other side of the building, we will be offering an educational program. This includes wifi access for youth in the community, experienced tutors and mentors to help students with their homework, and food so they can work on a full stomach. 

Lastly, we have put together a team of professional lawyers who are dedicating their time to the center. They will assist in helping people who need legal counsel in order to remove any obstacle that may be preventing them from becoming a working asset to society. We are extremely excited for whats ahead!

Who Will This Benefit?

The Socially Economically Disadvantaged  – Though we will have a hub located at 89169,  we have access to medical mobile stations to facilitate a medical clinic virtually everywhere. We will also help in assisting to apply and qualify for Medicaid.  

The Volunteers – Those who serve alongside us will be encouraged and strengthened as their unique skills are used to impact many lives all around Las Vegas.

The LVMPD – We are already working alongside the police force to help engage and strengthen their relationship with the community. We want the community to know the leaders that diligently serve them.

Other Churches and Organizations – We do not believe, or desire, to make an impact by ourselves. The very nature of our organization consists on partnering with others. Our current LV Reach team consists of people from 4 different churches. And as stated above, we are working with departments and non-religious organizations (many of whom have not been mentioned) who have a like-minded heart to see the people of Las Vegas flourish in body and mind. 

Local Veterans of Nevada – We are partnered with the Veteran’s ministry of Calvary Chapel Las Vegas, who are fully invested in seeing this community center reach its potential. Once operating, veterans will use the facility to hold outreaches, men’s studies, veteran’s homeless reach and showers, food drives, and much more for the disadvantaged veterans. 

The Children of 89169 – Fox News recently reported that only 1 in 5 children are showing up for online school. This is not only heartbreaking but devastating for the future of our children. This facility will help youth get online, have access to teachers, mentors, and be a place for fellowship with their peers. 



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