3-4:30 PM – Minding our Ps & Qs
Minding Our P’s and Q’s” which is a mentoring program for girls 10 and up focusing on etiquette, communication skills, and personal development to empower them for success in adolescence and beyond. 


Man 2 Man is a mentoring program for boys aged 10 and up, designed to guide them on their journey from boyhood to manhood. Every Saturday, students engage in different activities aimed at fostering leadership skills and nurturing positive role model qualities.

LV Reach is a faith-based, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the purpose of helping and healing our inner cities of Las Vegas through food, educational resources, medical assistance, and mentorship. dedicated to transforming lives and eliminating hunger in the Las Vegas We are firmly dedicated to offering assistance, relief, life skills, and resources to empower individuals in both the 89169 zipcode and the greater Las Vegas area. Our goal is to ensure they receive the essential support necessary for their flourishing.


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