Educational Center

20,000 households of students in the Clark County School District do not have WiFi. LV Reach will provide a safe environment with access to computers and WiFi, supplemental learning programs, personal tutoring and mentors. We are partnering with state licensed educators who are volunteering their time to help children in the community meet or exceed their grade level education expectations.

Medical Clinic

Many medical problems go undiagnosed, and therefore, untreated due to lack of insurance. LV Reach boasts a fully functioning medical clinic with 2 exam rooms and a medical lab. Each client will have access to professional doctors. Additionally, we will be able to assist individuals who require more specialized care with signing up for private insurance and medicaid.

Nutritional Program

LV Reach has developed a nutritional support program aimed at providing food and educating individuals about the importance of healthy eating. Along with  our kitchen, students will grow their own herbs in our educational garden.

Our team consists of professional chefs and nutritionists to teach families how to prepare nutritious meals. We believe in the importance of healthy living in soul, mind, and body!

Legal Assistance

Nevada posted a 28.2 percent unemployment rate, highest in the nation in 2020. Amongst other factors, offenses may hinder a person from productively becoming a working member of society. LV Reach has a team of

in-house legal professionals who will provide free consultation services to assist individuals in navigating through the court system and various legal issues. 

(During the educational hours this room will be open for the youth to sit down and enjoy reading or conversing with a friend.)